Own your brand & customers with SMS. Built for restaurants.

Let your customers order with a simple text. Give them exclusive rewards, discounts, and more without an extra app or website.

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Engage with Customers like Never Before

Send personalized messages to each customer without getting buried by social feeds and algorithms. Pay per order or a flat monthly fee, whichever is cheaper.

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Order Food with a Text

Let your customers order for pick up over text. See new orders right in your POS. No extra tablets, no annoying operational costs.

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Share Exclusive Deals

Notify customers of flash sales, new additions to your menu, and more instantly. No more hoping people see your website or Facebook page.

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Be Seen

Over 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes. Connect directly with your most loyal customers.

Start Texting for Free

We help you get in front of customers without any extra apps or websites.